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A little bit about me...

Fun Facts:


  • My name is Corinne.  Some people call me Cori but I love the beautiful name (Corinne) that my mom picked for me.  
  • I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the work because I married my best friend, Nick, and he gave me three beautiful children (I have 4 loves of my life, how lucky am I?).
  • The first thing I think about when I wake up is coffee, and I do enjoy my morning cup!
  • I am a vegan and I absolutely cured my rheumatoid arthritis with my diet. 
  • Emotion, love, and connection inspire me to create beautiful photographs and lasting memories. 
  • I love sunflowers, they make me happy. 
  • I see the world in photographs, I can't help it.  Photography keeps me sane. 
  • One of the biggest complements I get from clients is that they feel they have known me forever after a session.